Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back to our trip... Athens, Greece

We had decided when planning the trip that Shore Excursions were going to be way too expensive for the whole family so we would just make our own way around at the stops. After exiting the ship, we found a taxi and a driver who would spend 3 hours taking us around to major sites: the Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Gate, Olympic Stadium, Acropolis, Presidential Palace. The weather was perfect again – clear blue skies, not too hot.

First stop was the Temple of Zeus, just past Hadrian’s Gate. The few remaining columns were impressive – can’t even begin to imagine what it would have been like when it wasn’t a ruin. From the Temple we could clearly see the Acropolis. Somehow I had never realized it was up on a mount…

But before heading up to the Acropolis, we stopped at the stadium that was the site of the first modern Olympic Games. Compared to the stadiums we’re used to seeing, it was so small. When you think that the games are still going strong after a century… pretty darn awe inspiring.

On to the Acropolis –

Wow. So stunning. Mind-boggling to realize that all this was built without electricity, computers, the machines we have today. It’s all up on a rocky hill – it was hot the day we were there, and to think about hauling all those large stones up the hill and then building with them… Even YC understood how hard it must have been.

And the modern-day upkeep… Apparently, all the buildings have been completely disassembled and are now being reassembled to correct errors of past restoration attempts. There are piles of stones everywhere, pieces of buildings and statuary – they are trying to match the stones up with the buildings so the restoration will be as accurate as possible.

The view from the Acropolis – I think we could see all of Athens, a huge sprawl in all directions. Of course we could see Hadrian’s Gate and the Temple of Zeus, but we could also see the Olympic Stadium, the Agora, the Forum, the Tower of the Winds… So many things to see, too little time.

After the Acropolis, we watched the changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace – a very ritualized process.

And then it was back to the ship. Hiring the driver was truly the best way to see Athens in the short time we had.

Have to share this – While we were all crammed into the car, YC, whose mind processes are usually easy to follow, asked, out of the blue, “Do ants have brains?” We all just looked her. No idea where that came from… And if you asked her what was the best thing she saw, she’d answer that it was the dogs everywhere.

Once back on the ship, we headed up to play miniature golf before dinner. We all took one round (DH won and gloated), then headed to the Solarium for snacks since dinner wasn’t ‘til 9pm. YC wanted to hang out in the kids’ area – it was Pirate Night (I have some cute pics of her as a pirate princess). OC and MC took off to play games. They were finally acclimated to the ship and enjoying their freedom. DH and I headed to the cabin to relax for a while.

YC wanted to stay in the kids area ‘til it closed, so the rest of us headed to the fancy dining room for dinner. It wasn’t formal night, so no dressing up was required. Our table partners were a couple from Sweden, a couple from New Orleans, and sisters from South Africa. At 10, DH went to get YC. At first she didn’t want to eat anything, but the wait staff treated her like a little princess and had her trying all sorts of things. All 3 kids liked being waited upon so we ate in the dining room a few more times while on the trip.

DH and I decided to skip the lounge and drinks after dinner and went back to our cabin for some ‘play’ time, after making sure the kids were settled in for the night. DH got out the Shunga kit and the new paddle. It’s leather with “fur” on one side. I got lots of nice attention, with DH going down on me and working me over good with tongue and lips and fingers. And of course, he didn’t stop ‘til I came. Then DH had me assume his new favorite BJ + spanking position – on my belly, face off the edge of the bed. He gets two pleasures at once. For me, it’s okay, but it makes it hard for me to completely enjoy either act, plus I’m always worried I might hurt him involuntarily when I react to a hard spank.

Anyway, you know how this works for us by now – When he’s had enough oral attention, he likes to oil up my backside and rub against me ‘til he slides right in. Of course, I’m all hot and wet and slick from the earlier orgasm, the spanking, my own juices and the oil – I’m more than ready to feel his cock filling my pussy, stretching, pounding, thrusting; feeling him against my g-spot, my labia, and his balls hitting my clit. Really, with that kinda stimulation going on, how can I not come explosively?

After we were done, while I laid exhausted facedown on the bed, DH took pictures of me with his iPhone. But he never sends them to me and doesn’t keep them long. He doesn’t send them to me because he doesn’t want there to be any possibility that I might post them somewhere (uh, here); he doesn’t keep them long on his phone because so many people (co-workers, friends, our kids) like to look at the phone and he’s afraid someone might see them. I don’t even think he sends them to himself to keep on his laptop… If he does, I don’t know about it, nor do I have access to look…

Oh, and I had a very, very red bottom, from top to bottom and around the sides – he wielded that paddle most impressively.

All that activity made us hungry. Even though it was 1 a.m., there was still food in the Solarium, so off we went for a small snack before hitting the bed for sleep.

Yep, Athens, Greece – what a great day.


john said...

It's a pity there are no pictures of the spanking fun. Seems you two made the best of your vacation.

Robin said...

As long as DH says 'no', there won't be. And I'm okay with that -- for now, anyway (I lose weight, tone up, who knows...)
I will post more about our trip, just can't post any pics from home (darn router).