Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Spanking... Finally

I got a spanking! *happy singsong* And incredible scream-inducing sex...

Desperately in need of a good spanking, and waiting fruitlessly for DH to just take control, I decided I needed to plant the idea...

So, Tuesday while at work I sent DH a little email message, with 'Is it a date?' as the subject:

I've heard that a good sound spanking followed by some wild monkey sex can do wonders for relieving stress... *wink*

What do you say? Maybe some night this week? I've got a huge load of stress that needs relieving... *big grin*

DH: Any time just let me know you know the trick.

Me: So... If I come home, shower and set out some toys, you'll get the message?

And I mean a 'real' spanking, where I'm not doing anything else (you know what I mean *raised eyebrows*) but getting a hot red butt... You know I'll pleasure you anyway you want after...

Last night I came home and about 9 I hopped into the shower. It's been horribly hot and humid lately and I've been spending a lot of time out on the warehouse floor -- which is not air conditioned. Nasty, sweaty, humid, hot. Yeccchhh.

Anyway, while showering, DH came in and asked if this was the night. I kinda pushed it back at him, seeing as how he's the one expending the most energy... We decided it was the night. I finished showering and while DH showered I got ready -- black see-through nightie, black lace panties, and black stilettos (every time I wear them it gets easier to walk). I got out the new black leather paddle, the crop and the red rubber flogger; the massage oil and the flavored edible oil. By the time he came out, I was reclining on the bed -- trying to look enticing.

Must have worked *big grin*

DH got on the bed and pulled me close for snuggling, caressing and kissing. I was curled up with my head on his shoulder and he could just barely reach my bottom, but still he managed to get some good spanks in. We talked a little about what I wanted the spanking to be like -- I know I've mentioned before how heavy-handed DH can be, and that was not what I wanted for stress relief. He tried to pull his 'I'm in charge here' stuff with me, but I managed to get him to listen.

After awhile, I turned around so my head was down by his knees, putting my backside more in reach. I wanted to keep all of this relaxed and comfortable. I used sounds and words to let DH know the spanks that felt just right and those which were too much. Also made suggestions about his technique -- to us medium strength, quicker spanks instead of the hard, spaced apart ones he usually does. Most of this was with his hands -- my favorite implement :D I didn't completely ignore him, either.

Eventually, DH decided he wanted me standing, bent over the edge of the bed. I slid off my side, then minced around to the other side, hips swaying (gotta love how stilettos force you to walk sexy). Now he started to use the paddle and the crop more, eventually sliding my panties off. He only used the flogger a little bit, basically to caress my body, not flog it. Felt lovely. I had no concept of passing time... I could feel my bottom heating up and getting tender. DH would stop to rub and squeeze with his hands, causing other areas to heat up too. He also slid off his pajama bottoms so he could rub himself against my heated bottom, oiling me, too.

Then he had me get back on the bed, lying on my back. After rubbing me with KY Intrigue (and I coated him), he went down on me... working me with lips and tongue, fingers thrusting inside. So lost in how good it felt... Squeezing and stroking him... He stroked my g-spot, over and over, while licking my clit, until I came, squirting, feeling my juices on his hand and arm, on my thighs as he continued to stroke me. He slowed, then sat up and turned to me -- his face was so wet.

But he wasn't done with me yet. He tucked his left arm under my shoulders, bringing his hand to my breast. And with his right hand, he continued to rub my clit, until I came again, moaning.

Finally, the tremors eased, my breathing slowed, and he had me bending over the bed again -- the red and the heat had faded. Some more spanking, then I was on my knees in front of him, using the edible oil, licking and sucking, trying to give him pleasure like he'd given me...

Up on the bed, all fours, pillow clutched in my arms, ready for smothering my cries. He slid in -- I was so wet there was no resistance... I came again, more than once... he spanked me still, with his hands, as he thrust... Then I felt the oil, pouring out of the bottle to coat my bottom again, slipping down the crack, his hands rubbing it onto my cheeks and into my crack and opening, pausing to coat his cock... The stretching as he entered, slowly, taking his time so I would feel more pleasure than pain (he's good at reading me), until he could feel me relax... thrusting, bringing me to screaming orgasm (I almost forgot to use the pillow to muffle my cries)... and again... until he came, thrusting as deep into me as possible... I collapsed on the bed...

Once I returned to awareness, I looked at the clock. We were deeply involved with one another for over an hour. Wow.

Then I got up, slipped off the stilettos, slipped on the moisturizing socks, and slipped of the lingerie and climbed in the bed.

And had the best sleep I'd had in days!! Without pain relievers or sleeping aids. Woke up this morning, sat up, and felt a lovely reminder of last night's fun. Checking in the mirror, no marks -- but sometimes they take a few days to show up (sometimes I forget and then I catch a glimpse and it's like 'OMG, where the hell did that come from?!'). And I have felt relaxed and energized and wonderful all day. Even while out in the over 80 degree warehouse for multiple hours...

Wonder how long this will last...


john said...

Seems your problems are over. Is it really all is well that ends well?

Robin said...

Unfortunately, the effects of one of these "perfect" spankings only seems to last a couple of days and then I'm back to insomnia and stress. And I really don't think we're up to more than a couple of times a week (if even that lately).