Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Need....

A Spanking!!!!

Seriously. I've been so out of it this week and have not at all been a 'good' girl. Too bad DH's not more willing to try a little spanking discipline...

He's gone this week and not checking up on me so I haven't been exercising, haven't been making wise food choices, and have been staying up waaaaaaay too late.

I've got a good list of excuses... Wanna hear?

  • DH isn't here to keep me company, so I get lost in the TV, computer, or reading
  • Work is too, too stressful right now and how do I react to stress -- overeating, turning couch potato, and undersleeping
  • OC is off on her French adventure, so she's not here to help out with things -- so more for me to do after an extra-long stressful day of work
  • Money is tight
  • Nothing is working as a motivator right now
  • Work, work, work -- VP keeps giving me more and more to do with the system change, yet I still have all my regular responsibilities...
  • I'm not a morning person so getting up early enough to exercise before work doesn't work for me, but then I'm tired after work, plus there's chores to do, kids to feed...

Oh, alright, so they're pretty lame excuses.

DH just doesn't get it. When I dropped him off at the airport Monday, he told me I should pick up a salad on the way to work to eat for lunch. So what did I do -- bought and ate a salad for lunch. He gave me a specific instruction and I followed it.

Tried to suggest that he could find ways to reward me for exercising and dieting... Him: "Why is everything about sex with you?" aaaaaagggggghhhhh! Yes, sexual rewards would be nice, and serious discipline spankings could help, but not everything has to be sexual. Sheeeeesh. You'd think that's all I think about Rolling Eyes (ok, it's often on my mind, but really...). Doesn't help that he's a classic 'saboteur' when it comes to me trying to improve my health.

What we need is some time alone, when we're not worn out and stressed by work, etc. to really talk - well, me to talk and try to explain what I need so he'll understand and be able to provide. Should it ever happen, I'll let you know.

One more day of work this week and then it's the weekend. I am not bringing work home, I am not bringing work home (maybe if I repeat this enough...)

I'll try to get some posts up next week, but the last 2 weeks of this month and the first 2 of August are going to be crazy at work as we finally go through the system change. I'll be on the computer non-stop at work, so probably will be too burnt out by the time I get home to even read blogs, let alone add to mine. Please send good thoughts to help me survive.

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