Monday, June 2, 2008

Sea Day

Since we are STILL having internet issues, I am sitting in the public library trying to get some posting done. I've tried everyday from home and everytime I try to do anything beyond the simple read a website, our connection crashes. We got a new modem but it looks like we also need a new router. DH is in Germany this week, so it'll probably be the weekend before we can get this resolved (I can buy the router, but I really don't know how to set it up and worry that I might make things worse). It's so frustrating!!!!

Other than that work is fine, weather is gorgeous, and school's almost out.

Took it easy, slept in until 10 am, missing breakfast. Checked my backside in the mirror; there were a few marks from the crop last night (no surprise).

We all had lunch together. YC’s mantra during the whole meal was basically, “swimming, swimming, swimming” so once we finished eating, we decided to give in. The weather was perfect – sunny and warm. Not too many people were out at the pool yet, so we were able to find enough lounges altogether. While DH and the kids played in the pool, I relaxed while reading and writing and resting. For a few hours.

And of course I ended up with a little sunburn – I’m so fair, no matter how much sun block I use, it’s pretty much inevitable. DH and the kids just tan.

Eventually, we’d had enough and went in.

YC wanted to spend some time in the kids’ area, so we dropped her off up there, picking her up later for dinner. She made a ‘magic’ wand, painted and covered in glitter. DH looked at it, swished it around, got that twinkle in his eye and made some comment about maybe he could try the wand on me. (never did happen – thank goodness).

Once we were sure the kids were settled in for the night, DH and I headed back up to the lounge. It was 70’s night and members of the crew put on a show as ABBA and the Village People – it’s a lot of fun. As ‘In the Navy’ was performed and I was singing along, the guy next to me turned to me and we were commenting on how could anyone have missed the theme of the Village People’s songs. We reminisced about school dances and roller-skating parties (anyone else remember those?) – too funny.

Eventually, I’d had enough (I can only take so much loud music and crowds), and with DH’s promise that he would be down in a few minutes, I headed off to our room. I changed into some of the new lingerie and waited for DH. And waited. And waited. While waiting, I watched the ship channel where they were showing (and re-showing) the video of 70’s night. About an hour and 2 times through the show later, DH finally shows up, chattering on about how much fun he had after I left… Way to kill the mood. So absolutely nothing happened that night – and he didn’t understand why.

Oh, well. C’est la vie.

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