Friday, May 30, 2008

On the Ship & Leaving Venice, part 2

For those of you wondering if we did anything other than sightsee and deal with obnoxious children while on our vacation -- here ya go.

When I last posted, DH and I were enjoying a few drinks in the Crown Lounge...

Since it had been a long day, we only stayed in the lounge for a short while, having just a few drinks, before heading back to our room. I thought we were both too tired for any fun, so I just curled up to sleep. However, it quickly became clear that DH wasn’t too tired. He curled up behind me and started touching and rubbing, stroking and spanking. My whole body is pretty much one big erogenous zone, and DH knows just where and how to touch to get me heated up. Pretty soon he was focused on touching and rubbing me just right in that special area while I used my hand on him, squeezing and stroking. It was feeling sooo good.

And then I told him to spank my pussy. And he did, without hesitation. Thank goodness it was not with the force he uses on my backside, but, wow, what a sensation… He’d rub my clit, stroke my pussy, then SPANK… & repeat… Didn’t take long for me to come, not with that kind of attention.

As I was coming down from my high, DH made little comments about what he wanted to do next – specifically to my ass (and I don’t just mean a spanking *grin*). My response to this, “You’re not coming anywhere near my ass without some oil or lube.” And as he got up to get the needed supplies, I told him I bought some new goodies and told him where to find the Shunga kit and crop. I don’t think I’ve ever seen DH unwrap a package so fast. I’m not even sure he really read the card. The oil was found, opened and applied liberally to my bottom. (If you’re interested, it’s Shunga Erotic Art Erotic Massage Oil Libido Exotic Fruits – it smells really, really good, and even though it’s kinda sweet and fruity, DH likes it much better than the Sweet Almond Oil we have been using).

DH had me lie on my stomach with my head at the end of the bed. In this position I could pleasure him orally while he had easy spanking access, especially with the long reach of the crop. It didn’t take long for my bottom to turn a hot and glowing red, causing DH to pause, give the crop a look of admiration, and proclaim, “I like this toy.” (I’d like to note that this is now one of DH’s favorite positions). I was concerned that in reaction to one of the more painful swats, I might end of hurting him – but he was very insistent that my mouth stay on him at all times. Man, is that crop effective… (I think he also liked this position while on the cruise because of the mirrors at the head of the bed -- he had a great view of everything).

Eventually, DH had me turn around putting my feet at the end of the bed, laid over me and started rubbing his cock against my hot red bottom and letting it slip down between my legs until it slid right up inside me. A little of this teasing, and then it was up on all fours time. You know how it goes from here – filling and thrusting in my pussy till I come; more oiling and then anal, with me coming more, before DH finally reaches his limit and can’t hold back anymore.

Once we were breathing normally, DH had me take a look at my backside in the full length mirror. Oh my, what a red bottom! I think I like the crop, too. *weg*


john said...

So, you did a little more than just sightseeing...
I'm a virgin concerning the anal play you know.( LOL) Never saw the benefit of it.Suppose my wife would strongly object. Here they call that kind of play "The Greek way".

Robin said...

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and I would certainly never push it on anyone. DH was the one who really wanted to and I finally allowed it and have never regretted it. I will say there are times I refuse, but he's ok with that.
For me it's one of those things where as long as I don't think deeply about what he's putting where (and he obviously doesn't have an issue with that)but just focus on the really good feelings I'm experiencing... Well, I've written about it enough on here for you to know how much physical enjoyment I can get from it :D