Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memorial Day Make Up Sex

Taking a break from the travelogue...

Obviously, in order to have make up sex, something must have happened to create a break that needed repaired.

And yes, something did happen... DH seriously misunderstood something I said and went off in a direction not even remotely related to what I had said. Totally different planets... I made my comment, what I thought was a basically positive comment ("You're the one who likes doing X, I do it so I can be with you") and he turned this into I don't trust him and I don't want to be with him... My response, as I was getting upset over this, was to turn away and say nothing. Inside, I'm fighting tears and the urge to turn to him and say, "What the hell!?!?" (Really did not help that I was PMSing). I don't think confronting him would have been any better than sitting there silently -- somehow I would still end up in trouble.

This was Saturday night. Sunday was spent with quiet tension, keeping out of each others way as much as possible. We did go see Indiana Jones -- pretty good and fun. Then he decided he wanted to talk, although he was not too believing when I kept repeating the one and only thing I had said (see above). He was insistent that I must have said something more. Honestly, I didn't. That sentence was the last thing I said before he went off on his tangent. I have no explanation for how he heard something so radically different from what I said. To say I was confused by his outburst is putting it mildly. But we talked, he listened, and ultimately believed me.

Monday morning, we slept in (yeah for holidays). DH scooted over to me, sliding an arm beneath my neck, and snuggled up to me. Not sure where this was going, I didn't resist but I didn't welcome him either. And he surprised me. You've probably gathered from this blog that DH is a butt man -- typically when he's in the mood, he heads straight for my butt and pussy, with very little attention spent anywhere else (I'm not complaining, just saying...). Instead of heading 'south', DH started by nuzzling, licking, nibbling and sucking on one breast while caressing the other. Heaven... Wasn't long 'til I was moaning and writhing. And this went on and on... DH not seeming to be in any sort of hurry to do anything else. When he did slide a hand down, I had to stop him and tell him that it was that time of the month (talk about rotten timing). Fortunately, that revelation didn't even slow DH down.

We kissed, we caressed, we stroked and rubbed. He was on top, I was on top. At one point, DH went for my neck, nibbling and sucking. (For your viewing pleasure, I've added a picture of my neck taken after -- I knew as seen as he started that I was going to be well-marked.) I was so in the moment, so aroused. I reached down and grabbed DH through his pants, rubbing and stroking, as he kept himself raised up off of me just enough. And then I had this incredible desire to feel him in my mouth, so I pushed him over and yanked his pants down. I couldn't get enough of licking and sucking -- he tasted and felt so good and so right, filling my mouth. And I made sure I was positioned so that DH's hands could easily reach my backside -- and reach he did.

Too soon, DH was pulling me up, rolling me over and kissing me, pressing me down into the bed. Again, I reached down, stroking and rubbing, until I couldn't stand it anymore and told him that I wanted to suck his cock some more. He looked at me like he couldn't believe what he was hearing (I may go down on him without him asking, but I rarely voice my intentions) and rolled onto his back. Just like before, while I attended to him orally, he paid attention to my bottom, stroking and spanking. Eventually, he pulled me up to kiss again and I couldn't stop myself from telling him to spank me, that I'd been naughty to be so distant and so cold and he needed to spank me to punish me. He didn't say anything, and I'm not sure about his expression, but he didn't refuse. He got off the bed, standing at the side and had me get in position. I was so gone, I'm not even sure what he used on me -- crop, paddle, hair brush -- other than his hand.

The spanking did not last long, although is was enough to add some lasting marks on my backside to go with the ones on my neck. Soon DH was oiling my bottom, making sure I was especially well oiled in preparation for what was coming up. DH wanted inside, and not in my mouth or pussy. He wanted to feel me tight around him as he fucked me hard and fast. I was so aroused that he didn't need to do anything other apply oil for me to be ready for him.

He entered slowly and steadily, rubbing and smacking my bottom all the while. Once in all the way, he grabbed my hips and began thrusting. My legs were spread wide, my arms grasping a pillow for me to moan into, and I moved back to meet him, matching his rhythm, until he was moving so fast and hard it was all I could to breathe as I buried my face into the pillow, crying out as I orgasmed. If someone had told me years ago that I could have such consuming, mind blowing orgasms from anal sex, I'd have tried it years ago, and certainly wouldn't have put DH off for as long as I did.

DH continued with his strong rapid thrusts. I could hear his breathing change and the little sounds he makes that let me know he is getting close. And then I felt it, felt him come, filling me. A few more thrusts, and then he was done.

I collapsed face down onto the bed while he cleaned up, eventually getting up and making my way into the bathroom. Where the first thing I saw was my neck. "DH!" "What?" "My neck!" "Oh" (in a shocked tone). I wore a light scarf around my neck all day Monday. Fortunately, Tuesday was cold enough that I could wear a turtleneck to work, but it was the scarf again on Wednesday. By Thursday, I'd had enough with the cover up attempts and with a little foundation and powder, they weren't that noticeable.

Oh, and my butt was well marked, too. My only concern was the massage therapist on Thursday, but the marks were down low enough that I don't think she could see anything (panties always stay on).

I don't like the upsets, but I love the wild and hot make up sex!

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