Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mid-week Blah

A few things --

Internet connection at home is still squirrelly, so haven't been able to do the posting I've wanted to. So I'm at the library again, but I left my notes in the car. Darn it.

Tried to take pics of my tattoo. Most were fuzzy. The few that were clear were off center. Gotta convice DH to take some pics (he knows I'll probably post them, so I'm not sure if he will). It's on my right shoulder blade so it's just too difficult to get the focus and angle right while the timer is counting down. Double darn. I do have the picture I drew that the tattoo was based on, but I want to wait till I have a picture of the actual tattoo to post with it. Can't have the kids do it as they don't know about it (they're all minors and we don't want to give them ideas) -- I do know at some point they will see it, especially since it is summer and I plan on getting some swimming in.

Mentioned way back on Earth Day how I fell off a sidewalk and badly sprained my right ankle (you've done that, right -- stepped on the edge with just enough foot hanging over that when you put all your weight on it, your ankle buckles and you fall, hard...). Anyway, what with it happening a week before vacation, I didn't manage to get to the doctor until this week (I tried 2 weeks ago, but the dr cancelled). Had 8 x-rays -- no apparent breaks, but way more swollen than it should be after 6 weeks. So have an appt with an orthopedist on Monday -- minimum is physical therapy, maximum is casting. We'll see. Could cause a lot of difficulties if I can't drive.

For all it being our anniversary, the weekend was quiet (including sexually -- but I'll try to post on that more later). And this week hasn't been any better -- darn NBA finals (Go Lakers!).

Will try to get some more exciting posts up later.


tinaslut said...

Hope your ankle has recovered by now and that the next post will be about your glowing bottom instead... Love your writing, keep up the good work.

tina from Sweden

Robin said...

Hi tina,

According to the orthopedist, I have suffered an acute sprain and it could easily take 6 months to heal. So some days are ok, and some days it's bad...
And unfortunately, no good spanking stories to share... We're just off kilter right now.