Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Hey all. Still alive, still kicking. Just seems like everytime I'm feeling energized enough to get on the computer, life steps in. Long hours at work, prepping for vacation, school activities, etc.
Last week I was all set to hop online on Wednesday. I took a bad spill that morning (fell off the edge of a sidewalk causing my right ankle to fold in as far as it could go) so I came home from work, had my ankle compressed, iced, and elevated. Turned the computer on, got my notes out, and.....
Apparently DH forgot to pay the bill -- what with all the tax headaches we had and the travelling for work. So he called from Mexico, I asked, he exclaimed -- then paid the bill.
Thursday -- no internet.
Friday -- while at work I called the provider. They needed to do an update and that should fix things. Nope. Came home, called them again, followed their instructions, and voila -- internet access. Yeah! But now it was late, and YC had a friend sleeping over, so I couldn't shut myself away with my laptop.
Then the weekend was just too busy.
So, since I had to get on line anyway to do our pre-cruise online check-in, I figured 'what the heck' and here I am.
But since this is 'just checking in' post -- got an early day tomorrow -- this is all you get from me.



Emilie said...

Glad to see you're doing okay, Robin!

Stay sane through all the madness!


john said...

Life hectic and no spankings. I think DH deserved a spanking for forgetting to pay the bill and all the trouble after that. If the blame was on me...

Robin said...

Hi Emilie,
Thanks for stoppin' by :)
Sanity is hard to hold on to, but so far so good :P


Robin said...

Hi john,
Well, not exactly 'no spankings', just never enough ;)
I'm cutting him some slack because we did have a bad week with tax issues (not our fault, but the fault of those supposed to provided paperwork) and he had to travel in the midst of it all, so...
And since I still can't get him to spank me as 'a lesson'...