Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And We're Off

This little bit was written while waiting between flights –

Well, we’re on our way. Right now we’re at JFK airport waiting for our flight. And it’s a special flight, first ever American Airlines non-stop from NY to Milan.

The picture at the top - the “car” from our house to the 1st airport. Takes a big vehicle to fit all 5 of us & all of our luggage.

Since DH travels so much, he easily gets upgrades & access to the executive lounge. Much nicer waiting area than the regular lounge. Older kids are on computers, youngest is in the kids room, DH is napping, & you know what I’m doing

And now –

On approach into NY we flew over Manhattan. Pretty cool to see a place you’ve never been before, especially such a famous one. We could see the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, and the site of the World Trade Towers. I did get some pictures out the plane window.

For all that the flight was a ‘special’ one, can I just state here, unequivocally, that the food was horrible. I had the chicken and pasta and it was so bitter, and the brownie for dessert tasted like chemicals – I love chocolate but there was no way I was eating it. YC, who sat by me, chose the beef stew with mashed potatoes. She loves mashed potatoes (fried potatoes, baked potatoes, you get the idea). She also loves meat. She only took a couple of bites before declaring that it didn’t taste good. I didn’t taste the potatoes but I did take a bite of the stew – yuck. The meat tasted off. The only semi-decent parts of the meal were the anemic salad and the cold roll.

After ‘dinner’, the cabin lights were turned off, and we slept.

I forgot to mention, I got to travel with a nasty cold. Joy. Runny nose, congestion, coughing, the works. Tried to keep myself dosed enough not to worry the other passengers.

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