Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prep for the Trip

When planning a 2 week vacation for a family five, some shopping is pretty much a given. The two older kids needed some dressier clothes along with some new casual clothes. DH only needed a few things, as did YC. I didn’t ‘need’ things so much as just wanted some new things for the trip (details to come).

Clothes shopping for the teens – can we just say it was like mall hell? And I already hate going to the mall and shopping…

MC did not want to get anything dressy. We split up – girls with me, boy with DH. DH found me while I was waiting for YC to finish in the bathroom. MC had on khakis, blue dress shirt, and dark blue sport jacket. Other than the too long, shaggy hair, he looked pretty good (which was getting cut the next day) – not too dressy but definitely not casual. The if-looks-could-kill gaze he gave me when I exclaimed that he looked good was accompanied by the mouthing of “I hate you.” Couldn’t help but laugh. Still not certain if the sentiment was only because of the clothes or because of spending time alone with his Dad. But he had no choice, and into the cart went the clothes.

OC needed a nice dress… 4 hours and 4 stores later, we finally found one (the boys had already gone home by then). There are reasons for this, and not just that she’s picky (although she is). OC is a little overweight (I’m guessing 25 pounds) which means the slim fashions are not going to work for her. In addition, she is very well endowed on top. We’d find something cute, it would be the right size, but without any give in the average size bust area, it just wasn’t going to work. We even looked at separates, but she didn’t see anything she liked. Finally, while wandering through one store, we saw a really cute dress but it was in petites. We took note of the brand, and went looking for it in misses or juniors. Found it in women’s but even their smallest was too large for her. Finally, when we were just about to give up, we found it in the misses section, along with a cute sweater she could wear with it.

YC only needed a couple of things – flip-flops, shorts and a sweater. However, by the end of the day she was crying because everyone else got more than she did. I recognize that exhaustion was a big factor in the breakdown.

What did I get? – 2 capris, 2 sweaters, 1 shirt, new panties, bras and lingerie. I haven’t done any clothes shopping since last year, so was more than due. And what better reason to buy some new and sexy under things than a cruise vacation (it was my reason last year, so I figured I’d make it a tradition). And I’m of the opinion that sexy & sensual under things are not just for special occasions; I like knowing I’m wearing something special, even if one else ever sees them.

That was all on Saturday. On Sunday there was just a little bit more to do – shoes for the 3 of us girls. Didn’t take nearly as long as Saturday’s excursion. Thank goodness.

During the week, I made a special trip to a ‘special’ store – you know, one that stocks all sorts of adult toys and goodies. I tried not to go too crazy, seeing how we already have quite a few, but I had to get something new. Right? I bought a crop (we don’t have one); a leather paddle w/ ‘fur’ on one side (don’t have one exactly like it); Shunga kit (oil, cream, powder, etc); and a few other odds and ends, plus a nice naughty card. The Shunga kit actually came all wrapped up, so I treated it as a special gift for DH. I also packed a couple of our ‘old’ toys – my purple vibrator, the red flogger and the wooden hairbrush. Guess what I didn’t pack… the nasty bath brush (I decided that if DH really wanted it, he could pack it himself; I was not going to pack something I loathe).

Somehow we managed to get everything packed into 6 not so big suitcases (1 for each person clothes, plus 1 master case for all the bathroom stuff – that way if anything exploded it wouldn’t end up on clothes). Really not bad for 5 people travelling for 2 weeks. Wednesday night before bed, we were ready to go.


john said...

No shopping since last year ? Really... Suppose this was you finest hour.

Robin said...

Hi john,
No clothes shopping for me since last summer when we did the back to school shopping for the kids. Even then it was only a handful of items.
I really, really, really detest shopping -- well, unless it's for books :D