Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Back!


Hey all, did ya miss me? I missed you -- specifically being able to log on at will to read emails and blogs, and do some posting. Hope everyone is well -- I'm starting to get caught up with current posts on other blogs. Gotta love the RSS feeds.

We've been back a week, and believe it or not, I really haven't had the time or energy to sit down and blog, or anything else computer related. Plus DH gets a little tetschy if I spend all evening on the computer. Nothing like time zone differences and no one backing you up at work to overload you when you come back from vacation.

So, I'm pretty much over the jet lag, got the laundry, the yard, and the house caught up, and DH is in Mexico for the week (left today, back on Friday). I am definitely taking advantage of his absence.

Have started to flesh out my vacation notes into narratives and will begin posting tomorrow. And, yes, spankings did happen and will be mentioned. And there will be lots of pics -- vacation pics, not spanking pics (a funny story about that will be relayed in an upcoming post).

So looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.


john said...

Hope things in your relation with DH are better now.
BTW are you an admirer of the erotic work of DH Lawrence, the famous English writer, author of Lady Chatterly ?

Robin said...

Hi john,
Things are much better. He's definitely been trying harder to deal with stress and anger in less destructive ways.

I've actually never read any Lawrence (though I have seen bits and pieces of various productions of Lady Chatterley's Lover). Why do you ask?


john said...

You speak about your hubby the American way DH. In your profile you show interest in erotic novels.
Most people actually don't mention their real names on the Internet and certainly not on a spanking site. So 1 + 1 makes 2 isn't it.
D.H. Lawrence writes about lovemaking to lady Chatterly into the small details but never dirty talking. Suppose nowadays everything in the story last too long. Modern productions are only based on the plot though.

Robin said...

DH is shorthand for dear/darling/dearest husband. Of course, when he's not on my good list the D can stand for other words (such as darn, disgusting, dratted, etc). It was just too much trouble to think up a good pseudonym (you've seen how creative I was with the kids :P).
For me, erotic does not need to be crude or pornographic. I have a very vivid imagination, and can very easily fill in what is not specified. May need to make a libraary run...