Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

From the lack of activity on this blog, you're probably wondering if I'm even still around...

I am alive, if not exactly well. Not ill, just worn out from work (still hell on earth) and all that exhaustion and stress means not much is happening between DH and me. At least nothing fun and exciting or that's noteworthy. Haven't even been getting online to read other blogs -- a) too exhausted, b) it's too depressing to read about others who are doing well and having fun.

Take this weekend -- 3 days off from work for me and DH (although I did bring a box of home, planning to spend some time on catch up) and 3 days off school for the kids (school started on the 25th). Saturday: got up, did chores, napped while DH and the two older children went to a major league baseball game ("our" team lost), got up, showered, had YC shower, took YC out in DH's convertible to return library books and get a treat from Dairy Queen. DH came home from the game, we had dinner, cuddled a bit while watching TV --- and he fell asleep. No fun Saturday.

Sunday -- did manage to get in a quickie :D Enjoyed it, even without any spanking to speak of. Well, there was a little spanking -- afterwards. DH got it into his head that I hadn't been completely truthful about something. I thought something was done, apparently it wasn't completely, he noticed, pulled out the paddle and lit into me -- hard. Of course, we're both laughing the whole time -- he's spanking, I'm wiggling, giggling and exclaiming "Ow! Ouch! That hurts!" 'til I couldn't take anymore and rolled away. He stopped. I rolled back (so I could get up) and he started in again, saying, "That's not enough, not yet." A few more hard, painful spanks and I moved completely out of his way and got up. Sheeesh. It's been so long that my butt was incredibly sensitive -- lost any toughening up it might have developed.

Spent the rest of the day on chores -- laundry, housecleaning, shopping. Of course, while I did the last, DH napped. We did go out, saw "Tropic Thunder." Not sure how I feel about the movie. It had some very funny parts, but I felt the profanity became excessive at times. I'm not a prude, I swear (lately a lot, what with the way work is), but still.... It's like some of the characters only knew one work -- fuck. And every other word was that, or some version of it. After the movie, we grabbed a bite to eat, had a couple of drinks, then headed home. Because DH napped, he was full of energy, but I'd been up since before 9 am, doing chores and all, and now it was after 1 am... Guess what, I was too tired for anything (see what I mean about being out of sync?), so we cuddled and went to sleep.

Now it's Monday -- before I even woke up, YC was in our bed, snuggling with DH. And she didn't want to leave.... So, once again, nothin' happening here. I got up, got dressed and headed downstairs to work on brunch and finish the laundry. Now it's the afternoon. I should be tackling the box of work I brought home, should be vacuuming, cleaning, etc., but I'd really just like to take a nap. But if I sleep now, I'll have difficulties tonight and it's back to hell, uhhh, work tomorrow morning. There was mention of showering and some fun before bed tonight. Yeah, ok, right, given the way things have been going, I'm not holding my breath.

I hope everyone else has had a good weekend, holiday or not.

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