Monday, August 18, 2008

A little clean up...

While on hold with the IRS for 50+ minutes plus another 15 or so with a rep, I pulled up this blog and started working through my "blogs I like" list.

Pretty quickly became clear that some some links needed removed, some updated and some added. I was very sad to see that Annie's Blog (spankinggoodblog.blogspot) was completely gone, as was Everything Goes (everythinggose.blogspot). I hope Annie and Robert and Griz and Good Girl are all ok -- I knew they hadn't posted in a while, but still...

I also deleted a few others where there has been no posting for at least the last few months -- I still have them on my feeds list so if they come back, I'll relist them.

I added a few that I've been trying to keep up with:

  • Hermione's Heart
  • LA Kink
  • Just My Random Perverted Thoughts
  • A Taste of the Birch
  • Domestic Discipline Dreams
  • Love Boudoir

I'll slowly keep adding as I get the time (I've got several more on my feeds list). They run the gamut from vanilla to hardcore kink, fantasy to reality, fun to discipline... As eclectic as I am :)

If you ever notice that a link's no longer working, please let me know.

If anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.


Hermione said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for adding me to your list of links.


Robin said...

You're welcome.

I love your blog -- how could I not link to it?