Monday, January 7, 2008

1st Post of 2008

How's that for a title?

Just taking a quick moment to check in. Been a doozy of a week -- worked New Year's Eve then went out with hubby. Felt too ill and tired for any fun when we came home (no, I did not drink too much, sheesh -- the music was so loud, and we were there for 4 hours, that it made me physically ill). Took it easy New Year's day then back to work on Wednesday, with a nasty cold, which I am still not over. Even stayed home in bed on Thursday. So there has been absolutely no action of any kind since New Year's.

Thanks to everyone who keeps checking in here -- glad to see you haven't given up on me.

I promise to get some 'real' posts on here soon.


Dave said...

Happy '08 Robin!



Robin said...

Hi dave,
Nice to 'see' you again. Happy 'o8 to you, too. Hope it brings you lots of spanking activities :D