Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Once Upon A Tuesday Night

Since I'm not getting any, and haven't for over a week, and am so so horny, I decided to revisit some past experiences I'd noted down but hadn't posted. Since I'm still not completely over the cold, mostly evident in my voice, I think DH is steering clear in an attempt not to come down with it himself. I even showered and came to bed completely bare last night, snuggled up to him, caressed him --- and what did I get, a few desultory pats on the back, pats that came nowhere near my bottom. Darnit! I am going to try again tonight ;)
So, for your reading pleasure (I hope), here's what happened one night last October.

Last Tuesday (Oct 30th), DH surprised me – pleasantly.

I usually feel like I have to ask for spankings (other than on Saturday date nights when they’ve become an expected part of the evening, but even then it’s not unusual for me to make requests about how I’d like things to go). And during the work week, we don’t generally get a chance to get too involved. But this day was different.

Since I knew I was going to have to be up at the awful hour of 3am the next morning, I showered that night. While I was drying off, DH came into the bathroom, turned me sideways and gave me several strong hand spanks. At first I watched in the mirror, but that just seemed a little too, I don’t know, odd?, so I turned the other way. And the whole time DH is asking me questions: “you like this, don’t you?”, “you like spankings, don’t you?”, etc. I couldn’t manage to verbally respond, but did get a few nods in. It’s silly, but I find it embarrassing to have to answer these types of questions – I know my face was red.

I didn’t expect anything more – it’s not unusual for DH to give me a few random spanks without it ever turning into a full fledged spanking (can be a little frustrating). We had kids to get to bed, the house to lock up, and I was hoping to get to sleep early. So I finished my after-shower activities and went to make sure everything was ready for the next day.

DH and I try to snuggle every night before going to sleep, usually while watching TV, and Tuesday was no exception. I should mention that when I shower before bed (as opposed to before work), I don’t wear anything to bed, not even panties – I’m freshly scrubbed and lotioned/oiled and it just seems a shame to cover up. DH always acts surprised when we’re snuggling and his hand is roaming and he discovers that I am completely nude. And a bare bottom is a pretty unambiguous invitation to sex and/or a spanking.

So I’m snuggled up, not doing anything special, and DH turns to me and says, “you want a spanking, don’t you? I think you need a spanking.” I just looked at him, floored by the fact that he was taking the initiative. Thoughts were running through my mind: ‘did he just suggest a spanking, on a Tuesday, it’s a weeknight, does he mean it, oh my’ and so on. I’m not sure I even made a sound or movement of assent, but it obviously didn’t matter whether I agreed with him or not, because he got out of bed, told me to get ready, and started getting his “toys” out. I shook off the shock and gathered up the pillows and got into position. DH does not do warm-up spankings, he just starts right in, full force. He shifted between his hand and the leather paddle – I think the hairbrush and ping pong paddle may have been used a bit too, but I’m not always able to tell.

Now remember, I’m completely bare. DH is dressed (in his pajamas). I like that dichotomy. I often request that he stay dressed during the spanking; I feel it just adds another D/s layer to the whole experience. DH did a nice and thorough job, not spending too much time in any one spot or on one cheek, spreading the spanks around, varying the implement and the angle of application and the force (although none could be described as light). However, there was one spank that went a little astray, hitting that incredibly sensitive area between my thighs and below my bottom – I’m sure other ladies out there know what I’m talking about. Holy cow, but that stings. A spank right there will definitely get a reaction from me. And a comment about how that ‘is not my bottom.’ He just laughs and continues with what he’s doing.

I know the action is going to change from the spanking to erotic touch when he brings out the oil (which reminds me, we’re getting low, guess a trip to that ‘special store’ needs to happen soon – I’ve been told I’m responsible for supply inventory). I love the way it feels as he’s taking the time to rub the oil all over my backside, into the crack and my ‘rosebud’ (I don’t really like that name, but calling it by it’s true name just seems so unsexy). He usually also coats his special part as well, in preparation.

But the spanking has not ended just because I’m now oiled, oh no. It’s just interspersed with more rubbing of my entire ass and some dips down to my pussy, in and out. I have no idea how long this all went on, time becomes a blur during spankings and sex. Eventually, DH decided it was time and moving up directly behind me, pulled my hips back, spread my legs, and entered. There is something so, mmmm, words fail me… incredible about the way it feels when he first enters me, that feeling and pressure of being opened and stretched, and as he pushes all the way in, the fullness of his cock in my pussy, the pressure of his hips against my spanked bottom. And then when he starts moving, oh my goodness – I swear there is nothing better. DH fits so right, everything is stimulated – g-spot, labia, clit. And his hands – on my hips, at my waist, applying more spanks, sometimes even coming up to my shoulders. I know I came multiple times, even squirting a little.

And then, you know it, anal. Sometimes I don’t want it and will tell him ‘no’, if he stops to ask before entering. Sometimes it just hurts too bad and I have to insist that he stop (I really don’t know why sometimes it hurts so bad and other times it doesn’t when everything is done the same each time, just happens). But this was one of those nights where it felt not only right but oh so very very good. DH was in fine form, thrusting hard and fast, causing me to orgasm again and again, screaming into the pillows clasped in my arms, before finally coming himself and then collapsing softly over my back as my legs slid off the bed and my feet to the floor.

After clean up, we snuggled till I fell asleep. Of course, I was exhausted at work, having gotten only about 4 hours of sleep, but it was oh, so worth it. Especially since there were some lovely little marks on my backside for the next few days to serve as reminders.

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