Friday, July 27, 2007

Just a Quickie

It's late, so I'm going to try to keep this short.

Got a quickie this evening -- spanking and more.

Hubby was thinking of going out (his way to destress - I read, watch TV, blog, surf the Net). I'm okay with this as I know he will be in a better mood the next day, however, I was feeling a little needy as I was sick Tuesday and Wednesday and he was stressed Thursday meaning we'd had no 'action' since Sunday, so I ambushed him.

While he watched TV, I showered. Did the whole thing -- shaved, exfoliated, oiled -- then put on my fluffy green robe and came back to the bed. He had decided he was going to go out (especially after I told him the decision was his -- I know how his mind works. If I told him I didn't want him to go out, but he really did and then stayed home because of me, he'd be irritated. However, if I told him to go out and he did but really didn't want to and had a crappy time, he'd also be irritated with me. So I'd be screwed either way [or not at all, if he was irritated enough ;p ]. Hence telling him it was totally his decision and I was fine either way.)

Then he went to shower and while he showered I got my surprise ready. I put on killer black patent leather stillettos and a blue brocade corset with matching g-string, then put my robe back on and laid back down on the bed and watched TV. I made sure the robe covered the corset, but had my stilleto clad feet in plain view. DH came out of the bathroom pretty much dressed and ready to go, and then he noticed the shoes.

"Where are you going?"

"Nowhere," I replied opening my robe to give him a glimspe.

That was all it took. His eyes got big, and a huge grin lit up his face. I was then instructed to stand up, remove the robe, and walk around the room for his viewing pleasure. While I walked (barely, I definitely need more stilleto practice), he went to his bedside table and pulled out his favorite spanking implement -- a black leather paddle with 3 hearts, a b-day present from me to him last year. Most of the talking from that point on was him telling me how to position myself -- bent over the end of the bed, butt out, up, and legs spread. Being such a good girl, I did as I was told and was well rewarded. I got a quick but nice warm up with the paddle, mixed with stroking from his hand and the edge of the paddle all over my backside and down and around to my front. He even stopped long enough a few times to get some nice kisses and licks in to soothe the heat he was generating.

When my sweet hubby couldn't wait any longer, he told me to get up on the edge in his favorite position and he quickly entered me from behind. I was so wet he was able to thrust in in one smooth move and it didn't take long for each of us to reach orgasm. Afterwards, as we lightly cuddled, I got an even better reward -- acknowledgement that my surprise had already greatly improved his mood and I could expect even more fun in the morning.

All in all, from seeing the shoes to snuggling probably didn't take more than 10 minutes. But I love quickies :)

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