Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday, Monday...

After an uneventful weekend, filled with errands and pain (not the good kind, but some chronic pain I've been suffering with), DH took the day off and we had a fun morning.

Now, it's been over two weeks now, so the details are a little fuzzy, but this is what I remember...

While he took YC to school, I jumped in the shower so I could be nice and clean for him. Then while he jumped in the shower, I relaxed and waited for him. I knew he had mentioned something about getting 'things' ready, but not being sure exactly what 'things' he wanted/what his plans were, I decided not to do anything (okay, there was maybe a wee bit of a 'bratting' thing going on, just to see what might happen).

But he came out of the shower in a good mood and the fun began. 

Turns out DH really likes using the collar and cuffs I mentioned in the last post. So they were put on me, hands in the back initially, but then he decided to have them in front. Now, we don't have a strap that goes around the waist, as in the photo on the last post, so I can move my hands around a bit, but I know that when he's put the set on me that I am not supposed to use my hands unless he tells me to. 

The throe went down in front of the fireplace, DH coated his cock with edible oil and gathering my hair in his fist, guided my mouth onto him. I licked, I sucked, I moved fast, I moved slow, I took him deep, I focused solely on the head, I lightly grated my teeth along the length of the shaft (he loves this) ~~ basically, I did everything I know he likes. And I dutifully kept my hands down and off. 

When DH had enough oral attention, he helped me rise and move over to the side of the bed. It was time for DH to practice his flogging skills. And practice he did, on my back and my bottom (this was why he cuffed my hands in front ~~ access to my back). Stingy hits and thuddy ones, over and over, one side and then the other, me never knowing where or when or how the flogger would hit. For some unknown reason, on this day, I was much more sensitive to the pain of the flogging. There were quite a few times when I wasnt sure if I could handle much more, but while I was pondering, the next strike would hit and usually it wasnt as painful as the one before... so I never asked for him to stop.

There was an odd dichotomy to the experience. In the moment, I was not consciously aroused by the flogging, and there was no sensual or erotic touch intermingled with the blows (something DH needs to work on). But I did enjoy it, the sting or thud of the blow , the pain itself, then the rush of warmth through the area just hit. There was also  satisfaction? Pleasure? Pride? I dont know the word(s) to use to describe what I was feeling as I stayed in the position I was placed in and took every blow from DH without more than a wiggle and maybe an "ouch" at a particularly painful blow.

It became clear how much I did enjoy the flogging when DH indicated it was time to move back to the throe so I could give him to some more oral attention. As I straightened up, I felt the moisture flow out of my pussy and coat my inner thighs. I know I get very wet when aroused, but there had been not even one touch to my labia, clit or cunt ~~ just me performing oral on DH and then being flogged by him.

After only a few moments of oral attention, DH maneuvered me back over the side of the bed, up on all fours, and he thrust into me. I was so wet, there was no need for lube. With only a few thrusts, I was coming, loudly. It was late morning, no kids were home, no reason to muffle my cries in pillows or bedding. I felt him pause as he oiled to my bottom, into my crease and around my back entrance. I fully expected there to be anal. And so did DH... Until he got to feeling sooooo good just doing what he was doing that he didn't want to hold back any longer. And he didnt. I could hear the change in his breathing, feel the faster thrusts and increased engorgement of his cock... Then I felt the heat of his come as it filled my pussy and I came again.

I collapsed down on the bed and he laid me beside me, just enjoying the moment as we caught our breath.

Too soon, it was time to get up and get dressed as we both had work to get to. But there is a promise of other week days spent in fun and games.

(note: for some reason, Blogger or something, wouldnt let me use apostrophes... If I can fix it, I will)


Hermione said...

No apostrophes? That sucks! (Sorry!)

"There were quite a few times when I wasnt sure if I could handle much more, but while I was pondering, the next strike would hit and usually it wasnt as painful as the one before" That was interesting. The pain decreases even though you figure it should build. I have experienced that too.


Radha said...

Haven't been here in a while -sorry! But, oh, my, this post was hot. It was great catching up on all that is happening in your life. I'm intrigued about the flavored oils!

Robin said...

Hi Hermione & Radha *waving happily* ~~

Hermione ~~ I think it was more that he would shift and it was either that the force was different or the location hit was different that made the pain less than the previous blow.

Rahda ~~ Hi sweetie, glad you stopped by. I know you've got a lot going on in your life right now :-) I'm enjoying following along with you on your blog.
I hope right now you are staying warm and snug in your home....
Most of the flavored oils we have are Shunga (and maybe a few Kama Sutra). We've got Cherry, Chocolate Mint, Grape, Vanilla, Mint & at least a couple of others. They're really pretty good and we like to use them both on me and on him ;-). Just adds a little something more to the experience. Oh, and I think some of them are warming oils as well.