Monday, December 14, 2009

Microfantasy Monday #58

Okay, not so micro or so much a fantasy as a story, but here you go...

Carl checked his watch again. With traffic the drive home was taking longer than expected, but with any luck he still wouldn't be too late. At least not as late as the last meeting.
Carl slumped down into his seat on the bus. Work had been so stressful lately, ever since the new management with their new processes and procedures had taken over. It seemed that no matter what he did, no matter how many hours he worked, he still couldn't get caught up.
Marie had been patient, so far, but he could see the stresses wearing on her as well. He rarely made it home for dinner lately, and their sex life, well, there wasn't much of one lately. He knew he missed it, missed feeling her body beneath him, missed watching her bottom twitch and redden with each spank, watching her writhe during a flogging. Carl was so tired, his dick didn't even twitch at these erotic thoughts.

As Carl entered the house, he could see the lights downstairs were dimmed. Walking into the kitchen he saw the the foil wrapped plate on the table. Marie was already upstairs, hopefully not sleeping yet, but probably in bed. Carl had no appetite so simply put the plate in the fridge then trudged upstairs.
Marie was in her robe in bed reading. She looked up as he came in.
"Another stressful day?"
"Why don't you go take a shower before bed. I think it will help you relax."
Carl nodded slightly at this suggestion and headed into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

He came back into the bedroom about 15 minutes later, feeling if not truly relaxed, at least a little refreshed and ready to sleep. Until he looked at the bed. Laid out, in orderly fashion, were all their implements ~~ the leather paddle, the wood paddle, a hairbrush, the crop, even a cane.
Carl stared at Marie.
"Marie... I know we haven't had any fun of this sort, heck, of any sort, in a while, but really, I just can't do this right now. I barely have the energy to crawl into bed; there's no way I can muster up enough to spank you."
"Oh, Carl, my sweet, stressed out Carl," Marie walked to him and gave him a hug. "These aren't for you to spank me, they're for me to spank you."
Carl started out of her arms and backed away.
"You've been so stressed, and you know how much a good stress relief spanking is for me when I'm so worn out by it all. I thought that perhaps you might find a stress-relief spanking good, too."
"I don't think so... You know I don't consider myself a switch..."
"This isn't about switching... this is about me trying to find some way to help the man I love destress. Please, let's just try it. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and we don't ever have to try it again. Please."
Carl looked at Marie and the love and concern were clear. He had no desire to be spanked, never had, but maybe, just maybe it would help. And he knew just being willing to try would make Marie feel better.
"Alright, let's give it a try. I suppose it can't hurt to try."
They both laughed at Carl's little joke. Then he climbed on the bed, positioning himself comfortably over the pillows and waited for Marie to start.

Marie sat on the bed at Carl's side and caressed his bottom. She started slowly and gently with her hand, mixing rubbing and stroking with the spanks. As his bottom started to pink and warm, she began with the leather paddle. Marie paid close attention to Carl's reactions, making sure not to spank too hard.
"Turn your head to face me, Carl."
He did, and Marie watched as she continued with the spanking. Carl's eyes were closed, his mouth relaxed, pursing only with a slightly more painful blow. It was clear he was relaxing.

Marie started to speak softly while continuing the spanking, telling Carl how much she loved him and cared for him, how hard it was for her to see him so distressed, how much she missed being intimate with him, that she would do everything she could think of to help him, to help them, to make things better.
Carl's breath was slow and steady as he opened his teary eyes and looked at her. Slowly he reached a hand up as he turned on his side and took the paddle from her. He shifted off the pillows and guided Marie down next to him. He opened her robe and began to caress her body. Before long Carl had Marie pinned beneath him on the bed as he pounded into her. It wasn't long before Marie screamed in orgasm, and as her pussy clenched tight around his cock, he couldn't hold back any longer and came, too.

After a quick cleanup, a much less stressed Carl and satisfied Marie spooned as they drifted off to sleep.


Ang said...

*sigh* that sounds so lovely...

Robin said...

Hi Ang,
The giving or the getting? Personally, I'd love to get a spanking like that...


PapaTom said...

That was really a sweet story. I enjoyed it a lot.

ronnie said...

That's was a lovely story.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. ^_^

Robin said...

Papa Tom, ronnie, and dragonmage ~~ Thank you for reading and commenting. So glad you all enjoyed it :-)