Monday, February 1, 2010

Microfantasy Monday ~~ Books (1)

Microfantasy Monday is the brainchild of Ang of Sweltering Celt.

"Robin! You get your ass up here right now!" His voice echoed through the house.

~Oh, god, what now~ I thought as I followed the audible trail of his angry muttering up the stairs and into our bedroom, where I found him standing in my closet.

"What the hell! Where did all these books come from? Look at this," waving a bookstore bag and receipt in my face, "you just bought these last week. I clearly remember telling you 'no more books', at least not without checking with me first. And I also clearly recall you agreeing to this rule, however reluctantly. Didn't you?"

Without moving my eyes from his, I slowly nodded in agreement. I did remember him telling me he didn't want me buying any more books, and that there would be 'consequences' if I did. But, while he always threatened consequences, there never were any, and after a month of no book purchases, and no questioning from him on whether I was following the rule, I just figured he had forgotten, again, and didn't really care. So, I went to the bookstore, planning just to get two books by authors I like, but instead, as usual, I found many more I just had to have. Of course, I knew better than to just leave them lying around, so I put them in my closet thinking he'd never see them there.

Apparently, I was wrong.

"These books are going back to the store. Uh uh, don't even try to say anything right now. I am so pissed. Pissed that you would go and do something I specifically told you not to. And it's so obvious you were trying to hide these from me too." He advanced towards me, forcing me to back out of the closet and into our bedroom.

He was shaking, he was so angry.

"I am too angry to deal with you now. I'm going out for a while, but when I come back, there will be a punishment for breaking the rule. You will stay here in our room until that time. And I will be checking." And with that, he stormed out.


He returned about an hour later, still angry and upset, but much calmer than when he had left.

"I've thought about this, a lot. You've said often that you'd like more of a DD aspect to our marriage. I haven't wanted to, but I feel like you've pushed me to this. I asked you to follow one simple rule ~ do not buy any books ~ and not only did you buy books but you deliberately tried to hide that from me. I honestly feel that this is the only way you will truly listen to me." He closed and locked the bedroom door, closed the curtains, and turned up the volume on the TV. "Remove all your clothes and stand in that corner."

I slowly and fearfully did as instructed. While in the corner I could hear him moving around, obviously setting things up for my punishment. I figured spanking, but with which implement, how many, how long... We'd never done this for anything but play...

"Come to the bed and lean over the side."

Sitting on the bed were not only all our standard implements, but also the books I had bought. I could hardly move... but I managed to get into position.

"I think we'll start with 10 per side with each implement, including each of the books you bought, then I'll see if I think you need more. You will stay in position and you will count out each strike. Ready..."

And with full force, he began...


Anonymous said...

I can just see you now looking like a deer in the headlights when he asks you about the books! Haha. Not real 'micro' but still good.

Robin said...

Hi Poppet~~
Yep, good description of the look :-)
And, sigh, not very good at keeping these micro (it's ~only~ 610 words)... but at least I'm writing ;-). thank you.


Kyle said...

oh wow.. OUCH! bet that lesson lasts for a while >;-)

Robin said...

Hi Kyle ~~
Thanks for reading and commenting. I would think that books and sitting down to read them would be the furthest thing from someones mind after a spanking like that.