Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've been tagged!

My new friend Pink Poppet ( tagged me to do a meme.

I am supposed to list ten things about myself that are true and you may not know about. Gah. Trying to come up with ten hopefully interesting things is going to be difficult.

1) I was born in Landstuhl, Germany because my dad was stationed there with the U.S. Army. Landstuhl is where the large military hospital is, you know, the one where all the soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan go. When I was born there, however, it was not a big fancy hospital. Mom tells me it was an old building and she could see areas on the walls where it looked like they had tried to sandblast swastikas off. I have had repeated problems with government people questioning my citizenship because of my place of birth, even after providing them with copies of my "Report of US Citizen Born Abroad", certificate from the State Dept, and my passport. One obnoxious woman even asked me how long I'd been a citizen. With an incredulous look, I answered "since birth."

2) When I was 16 I travelled by myself to Germany and Denmark. I stayed with family friends (and their friends) in Germany, and actual family in Denmark. It was an incredible experience. And no one warned me about the beaches! We went to a small lake and some people were competely nude, and then went to a beach on the North Sea ~~ changing in to swimsuits out in the open, topless bathing... A lot for a girl from a conservative small town to take in. I stayed quite a few places in Germany ~~ Ehlershausen, Bredstedt, Kiel, Hamburg; then took the train to Copenhagen, where I stayed with cousins in a suburb. Did lots of bike riding, walking, topless laying out.... I'd love to go back someday.

3) I am the oldest of four siblings. In many ways, I am your typical oldest child, but I am so not the natural born leader first borns are so often described as. I will if I absolutely have to, but I would much rather not. My siblings are conservative Republicans and religious (Mormons) ~~ I am moderate, non-partisan, and not religious (but very spiritual). Getting together can be uncomfortable to say the least. And that's without any discussions of sex and sensuality. Although that helps explain all the repression in my life.

4) I am not a good liar. I don't even like to lie, but I will do the small white lie to make things easier (yes, I mailed that letter for you; sure I fed the fish; etc.). Therefore, do not ask a question if you do not truly want to know the answer. Especially when it comes to the good stuff ~ sexuality, politics, sports, religion, etc. I will answer politely, but I won't just tell you what you want to hear.

5) I have a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Biology, and I haven't used it in 15 years (had one related job, shortly after college). Realized early on that any job I got with that degree would probably not be family friendly. Zoos, etc. tend to be open year-round, including holidays and weekends. Other positions can require a lot of time in the field, and possibly very odd hours. However, now that the kids are older, I've been thinking about looking into it again.

6) Although I don't 'believe' in horoscopes, etc., I do believe they can get you thinking about and examining your life. That said, I did once have my horoscope done by an online company, and it was actually a little frightening how true it was. All I gave was my first name, birthdate, birthtime, and where I was born. Haven't ever gone back and reread it ~~ maybe I should.

7) I am somewhat of a packrat and hoarder. Drives my husband nuts, and also me. I just am not good at getting things sorted through with any immediacy. So magazines and such pile up. I am trying to get better ~~ not bringing so much into the house in the first place, and trying to regularly go through what is already here, organizing and throwing away. It's a long and drawn out process.

8) I am a loner. I unfortunately do not do the friend thing very well. It's not that I don't like people, or can't be friendly, or don't want friends, or don't ever think about friends... I just, well, I'm shy so I don't put myself out there, and I get pulled in so many ways that I often just shut down with anything that requires more effort. I'll get emails, etc., and I mean to respond, but before I know it, a month or more has gone by. It's probably why I like Twitter, Facebook and Blogging so much ~~ I can be involved, knowing what's going on and sharing from my life, without the constant back and forth. It's easier to pull back and take a break. And because of the whole shyness thing, I don't do well in public situations ~~ parties and such. I can't just go by myself ~~ I usually end up in the corner by myself. It's another aspect of my life I want to change, but it's difficult (beyond the above stated reasons) ~~ I'm working on it.

9) I must have one of those faces or personalities that make people, sometimes complete strangers, feel it's okay to share private things with me. Not necessarily secret, can't share with anyone, just private and very personal. Drs telling me about patients (no names), co-workers telling me about their sex lives, strangers telling me about their labor and delivery, and so on. I don't mind, it's just ... interesting? amusing? I do feel that I am pretty empathetic/empathic and maybe people pick up on that...

10) I was 21 when I first had sex. Came close in high school, nothing even close during my first 4 years in college. I was more than ready. I knew whoever the next boyfriend was, he would be the one. He was younger, experienced, made it a wonderful experience for me, introduced my to porn (visual and written), a variety of positions, anal sex, vibrators, oral, fun sex, serious sex... Looking back, I can see he was a dominant personality. If only I had been able to figure things out then... In my fantasies, I do it all. I love sex and wish I had it more often (daily, anyone?). I want to be more adventurous, try more things.... I know I love being dominated, in and out of the bedroom. Bind me, spank me, slap me, tell me what to do, when to do it, how to do it... and I'll be one happy, happy girl.

Now, I am not going to tag anyone. Take it upon yourself to do this meme if you want to. And if my ten things created questions in your mind, please feel free to ask me (email, comment, Twitter). It may take me a while, but I will answer.

Thanks, Pink Poppet. I really had to think hard to come up with 10 things. I hope people find them interesting.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this, it takes courage to be so honest and put yourself out there. Now, are we the same person? We share a lot of things I see.I am also pretty much a loner as well...married to a loner also...we "LONE" together. LOL. Like you I cannot lie well and usually make no attempt to even try since it is so easily detected on my face. Also on my face there must be a flashing neon sign that says, "Dear Abby" or "Tell me your life story PLEASE" since I get a lot of that.Strangers tell me things from their hemorrhoid surgery and how it went to how their their great aunts second husbands step-daughters kid is doing in school. Seriously. Finally, that line you wrote about "bind me, spank me, slap me, tell me what to do......." OMG, I am the same way...dominate me big time and I am in freak heaven! Thanks again for doing this. (hugs)

Brambleberry Blush said...

I can feel the truth of your entries. Also, I could have written #8 myself, word for word. I am starting to see it as a common link between submissives. I wonder why?


Robin said...

Pink Poppet ~~ see, this is exactly why I write a blog, read blogs, and Twitter. It provides me with the much needed assurance that I am 'normal', that others have similar thoughts and feelings. This is especially valuable to me when those immediately around me either don't know about this side of me, or they know but don't really accept it (DH).
Thank you again for the tag, the comment and the Twitter conversations.

Robin said...

Hi Carly :)
Thank you for reading and commenting. It was kinda difficult to come up with those 10 things.
The loner thing ~~ hmmm, I want to make clear that in general I am not lonely, I am perfectly fine curled up by myself. Sometimes I even like to be alone in a crowd ~~ by myself in a public space, just sitting, reading, observing, whatever.
Maybe among submissives it's common for a couple of reasons ~~ after devoting so much attention to another's needs/wants/desires, we just need time to recharge and being alone gives us that time. And maybe, given today's societal attitudes, since we don't often feel we can share our innermost feelings with just anyone, we 'choose' to keep our distant.
Just musing here :)

Florida Dom said...

Robin: Don't ever let anybody tell you that you're not normal. You're normal for you and that's all that counts. The other people just don't understand so don't bother with what they think.

Robin said...

Hi Florida Dom ~
Thank you for visiting and commenting.
I am so much better with the whole self-acceptance thing than I used to be. I figure to each his own ~ They may not be comfortable with me, I may not be comfortable with them, but as long as I'm comfortable with me... That's what truly matters.
And that's a big change for me ~~ not too long ago what others might think was so important and colored so many of my choices.

Anonymous said...

Robin, I enjoy our twitter conversations so much, and like you, reading blogs, talking to others, reaffirms to myself that I am not alone in the way I feel or think.It helps me to better accept those parts of me that I sometimes think or feel are out of whack. As for "normal"...hell, nobody in the entire world is "NORMAL", LOL...normal is what is normal for each of us. Hugs.