Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A bit of this and that...

I just discovered this week that Constance has taken all her blogs private. *sigh* I understand, I truly do, but that doesn't mean I have to like it *pouting*. I'm just saddened that I won't be able to enjoy her stories anymore... Why are there so many obnoxious, intolerant, harassing people in the world? I truly believe in just letting people live their lives as they see fit (barring criminal activity of course); if I don't like what they're doing, I don't have to harass them, I can just avoid them. I get no pleasure from making others miserable.

So, Constance and Mr. C, if you see this ~~ I hope you are both well and that I will see you around the blogosphere. *hugs*

And, if I did a better job of keeping up with my Reader, I would find these things out in a more timely manner....


A while ago on my commute to work, I saw what appeared to be a driver getting a blowjob. No, seriously.

I was in the left hand lane, and the cars in front of me were moving to the right lane because of a slow moving pickup truck. I ended up stuck behind it as there were now too many cars in the right lane for me to move over. I drive an SUV, so had a clear view into and through the cab of the truck. At first, I could only see the driver and I wondered why he was going below the speed limit (although, it was erratic ~ he'd speed up a little, then slow down, then speed up...). Then, between the two front seats I saw a head rise ~~ it appeared to have dark curly hair pulled back in a pony tail or loose bun. It was only visible for a moment, then disappeared again. "Ah ha!" I thought. Seemed pretty obvious to me what was going on :). If I had been to either side of the truck or in front of it, or in a smaller vehicle, I would never have seen what I saw. Gave me a good grin. I hope they made it safely to where ever they were heading.


I have a chiropractor appt this afternoon and I still have some marks from Sunday night. I think they are low enough down not to visible while the massage therapist works on me... Could be interesting....


And about Sunday night ~~ I am still processing everything that happened, because along with all the lovely, wonderful, sexy, erotic, arousing, D/s activities, there was an awful lot of talking (DH) and listening (me) prior to it all, and a little tiny bit after. All that talking is still hanging over me and I'm not sure how, or even, if I can get it all out. I think my biggest fear is that if I put it all out it will be ... I can't even find the right word(s) to describe how it all makes me feel, other than pretty obviously not positive or good.

So, don't hold you breath, but I am working on getting it all written up.


I have about 6 drafts of posts in my post list... now if I could just get them finished....


Almost forgot ~~ last night makes the 4th day in a row with some sort of sexual activity. May be a record :)


Hermione said...

A BJ while driving? That's even more dangerous than texting!

I agree, too bad about Constance. I'll miss her.


Florida Dom said...

I wonder if you'll spot them again on the way to work. Now that's the way to begin the day. And Hermione, it's not as dangerous as texting. He can keep his eyes on the road. LOL.

Talk about a fun commute.

And I agree it's too bad about Constance. We need more civility.


Robin said...

Hi Hermione ~~ other than the erratic speed, he was doing okay :) But, yeah, really not a good idea while operating any type of machinery.

Hi Florida Dom ~~ Probably won't see them again as my work location is changing the end of this month - Darn ;)

I see more and more bloggers going private with no announcement; at least Constance explained. Still leaves me unhappy, but at least I have some closure. Really too bad there are such mean, nasty people out there.


Dave The Rave said...

At least the guy was (hopefully) keeping both hands free and on the wheel. There have been guys who were self-stimulating and got caught AND arrested.

Of course, it is funny to hear the news anchors try and "describe" what he was doing. 'He was arrested for indecent exposure and lewd acts.' LOL! What about the guys who are seen with their hands in their pockets?


Robin said...

Hi Dave,
Well, considering he had someone else doing all the work, I'm guessing he had at least on hand on the wheel.

And, really, what was going on wasn't visible unless you were directly behind them in a vehicle of my car's height or higher. And if the passenger hadn't shifted upward, I might not have thought anything about the poor driving.

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