Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just catching up...

Been a lot going on lately, in my mind anyway :)

Kids are out of school, so driving me a little crazy on the days I work from home.

New kitten also drives me crazy, walking all over my computer(s) and papers, chewing on and ripping papers and cords. But he's so cute.... [Please stand by while I upload some pics from my camera and iPhone... *Jeopardy music plays*]

Adorable, isn't he? DH has named him Caesar (although sometimes it sounds like he's calling him Scissor *laugh*). And yes, that is my bare shoulder in that one shot.

**Work ~~ well, as I mentioned in my last post, is difficult. My boss was out on Tuesday, teaching me some new responsibilities, going over the past year performance (hard to do since he's only been my boss a few months, and last year's boss is gone), and coming up with goals for the rest of this year into next. It's difficult to explain all this without giving too much information... In short, the system change last year was not well implemented, particularly for my department. People apparently did not think it was too important to make sure everything was set up on time and properly. Consequently, here we are almost a year later, still struggling and so far behind that it's hard to imagine ever being caught up. But now that I know how to do a few more things, maybe, just maybe, things will get better. Also, we discussed my work schedule once I am moved to HQ ~~ I will continue with at least 2 days per week working from home, and my hours will in office will be flexible. I'm hoping it works out ~~ seems pretty apparent that they really, really don't want me to leave. DH is really pushing me to try and find something closer to home, but I do want to see how this works out. I just dread the process of finding, getting and starting a new job.

**Our anniversary ~~ We went out for a late dinner Saturday night. I semi dressed up ~~ corset with garters and stockings under a cardigan and jeans (kitty tried to help, attacking corset ties and garters). For fun, I applied edible body glitter: chest, back, backside, frontside :D (you get the idea). DH noticed while at dinner, wanting to know if I was trying to get everyone to look at my "boobs". "Only you," I replied. To which he replied that he didn't need any help noticing my boobs, or any other part of my body. Got home, snuggled and touched while waiting for the kids to head to bed. Then had all sorts of good fun. I won't bore you with the details :P

Then Monday, the actual date of our anniversary, DH called to wish me a happy anniversary after he got to work. He complained that I didn't say it to him when he left, but I was mostly asleep then. Woke up just enough to lean across the bed for our standard good-bye kiss. He brought me a card when he came home ~~ full of nice sentiment about how even when things get hard we stick together:

A happy marriage
is what happens
while two good people
are busy
trying to make it through
another year of
paying their bills,
running their errands,
doing their chores,
keeping sight of their dreams
and, somehow,
always finding the time
to show how much they care.

Our life is pretty busy,
and I may not always say
everything that comes
into my mind and heart each day,
but what really matters in my world
is that we are together,
and h0wever busy life may get,
I don't forget that... ever.

Monday was very busy and I didn't get a chance to get anything for him, so I dressed up special for him that night. Unfortunately, an issue arose with our son and all my plans were thrown straight out the window.

So, all in all, it wasn't a bad anniversary :/

**The DUI ~~ DH's license will be suspended for a month starting the 24th. Fortunately, he's been able to arrange his work travel so he will be out of town for most of that period. When he's here, he's got to make other arrangements to get around. Once the suspension is over, he'll have a machine installed in his car that will test his blood alcohol level before it will allow the car to start. I will need to do the driving when we go out as a family, but he'll be able to drive himself around in his own car. Of course, all this means I will be the one doing all the driving when we head out to Los Angeles for the 4th of July. I won't like it, but I'll be fine. It was cute, however, when on Thursday DH called to apologize for all the trouble his DUI is causing me.

** DH has ordered himself a new laptop and bought a new color printer with it. Yeah! Been wanting to get one for a long while, but just hadn't gotten around to it. And, surprise, surprise, he seems to have actually picked out a good one: scanner, printer, copier, fax; photos in multiple sizes; wireless. Did a test print of a photo on regular paper and it came out really good. I have high hopes. (Last time he was all excited about the printer he got, it was not color, toner could only be purchased from the manufacturer, and cost an arm and a leg).

Can't believe June is half over. Looking forward to the long weekend around the 4th ~~ my sister and her family are supposed to meet us for a day in Disneyland. Can't wait. No, seriously. I love Disneyland. We used to go quite often when we lived in SoCal. YC has no memories of it; she was 1 when we moved away, and only 3 or 4 when we last visited. And at 8, she is tall enough for all the rides. I do realize it will be hot and busy, but we'll survive ~~ I'll coat myself in SPF 100+, wear a hat, drink lots of water.... Someday, maybe we'll make it to DisneyWorld...

Hope everyone out there is enjoying June ~~ whether it's your spring or your fall :)


Hermione said...

Happy anniversary! It sounds like the body glitter did the trick!

Cute kitty. Or, if you are into LOLcats, cute kitteh!


Robin said...

Hi Hermione,
Thank you :)
The glitter, the corset, the stockings... he loves it all :)