Thursday, October 2, 2008


Why is it that the moment you can't have something, you want it more than anything else? You think about it, dream about it, fantasize about it, see it everywhere...

And, yes, I'm talking sex (and spankings) here. Although it does apply just as well to chocolate :)

So, DH and I are still struggling to get back in sync. Had some nice times last weekend, but we're not back like we were a while ago. DH is off travelling again this week (unavailable) -- and I've been sooooo horny. It's driving me nuts!

Now, I can of course *cough* take care of myself :D But's just not the same as being with that special someone, pleasuring and being pleasured.

And it's not only while I'm home that I'm feeling this way. It's like I'm in a constant state of arousal -- when I get up, while I'm commuting, while at work, after the gym (ok, for some reason, working out really works me up, the endorphins fuel the hormones, or something). And naughty girl that I am, I don't always wait 'til I'm home, locked in my bedroom, before I scratch the itch. And I know I'm not the only one who sneaks away into the bathroom at work, or finds a secluded parking place, or even indulges while driving (a woman called the radio station day and admitted it).

DH gets home this evening. Not sure what the weekend holds, between travel exhaustion (him), work exhaustion (me), baseball games (him), laundry (me)... Hopefully we'll find the time and energy to fully enjoy each other.


swtsuz63 said...

Hi Robin,

It must be hard with DH not around all the time. My husband works late often and sometimes Im not sure if I miss him or I miss the help with the kids and stuff like that. That sounds worse now that I wrote it. Sheesh


Adam's Angel said...

I agree, it must be hard. Adam talks about getting a second job now and then, and I cringe to think of what that means: more hours away from me, more tired.

Hope you get some needs met soon! Quelch those cravings!

Robin said...

Don't feel bad ;) It's not only the adult intimacy that is missed, it is the support with the daily grind. I do describe myself as a single parent when he's gone. And unfortunately, even when he is home, the kids have gotten used to coming to me for everything, so still do.

We've both taken the day off, so we'll see what happens (although right now we're both on computers).
At least with chocolate, I can keep stashes around ;P