Friday, October 9, 2009

Nothing good to share

As you've probably noticed, once again I haven't been around for awhile.
Basically, there's been nothing good, fun, funny, exciting to write about because there's been very little good, fun, funny, or exciting going on in my life.
So I've taken the stance, to paraphrase Thumper's mother, that if I haven't got anything good to say, I just won't say anything at all.
I didn't start this blog as a place to complain and that's not what I want it to become, so for now, I'm not likely to be posting anything here.
Should circumstances change... Well, I'm not holding my breath.



Anonymous said...

Was starting to wonder what had happened, but figured you were either VERY BUSY, or had nothing to share. That's cool. Post when you want to sweetie..after all it is YOUR blog. Hugs.

Robin said...

Hi Poppet,