Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saving Grace

Anyone else out there watch Saving Grace on TNT? Did you see this week's episode "Take me somewhere, Earl"? If not, go, find it online, and watch it.

Why, you ask.

Because it's got a spanking scene!!!!

She spanks him (his nickname is Spanky), and he's pants down OTK. It's great. OMG. I was laughing, especially when she got the info she wanted and rolled him off her lap to the floor. Holly Hunter plays Grace, and she is so itty-bitty, it was so incongruous to see this big guy streched across her lap.

Please, find it, watch it, enjoy.

If you don't know the series at all, it's excellent, and I highly recommend watching it from the beginning. Love the theme song, as well.

And there's a message board with a thread started already to discuss the spanking scene. I saw at least one acknowledged spanko commenting.


Anonymous said...

I too am a huge fan of the show and I loved the spanking scence as well, I just had wished that was me across Grace's lap instead of her buddy Spanky. Although she took a nice slap to that tight little ass of hers too. Nice to see spanking starting to make a comeback in the mainstream televison.


Robin said...

Hi Alexandrea,

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Saving Grace is one of the best shows out there. It's edgy and challenging and uplifting all rolled in one.

Personally, I think Grace is a switch. I know it only showed her spanking, but the way she pushed out her backside to get that swat from Spanky... yeah, she likes to give and get :)

I like to see it in adult-level shows. I get a little concerned when I see it, even when it's silly, in shows that my kids watch (iCarly on Nickelodeon is an example). There have been enough polls and studies out there to indicate that most adults participate in some level adult spanking.