Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A few pics from our most recent vacations

Nothing pervy here, but I thought someone at least might like these.

Too many fish to count -- but I could sit and watch for hours

Whale shark

Manta ray mid somersault

Multiple mantas
Small Southern town
County courthouse

Part of set for The Walking Dead Season 3

Front of "Woodbury Townhall"

Back of "Woodbury Townhall"

A small pond

Spanish moss


Headstones missing their graves

City Hall (I was hoping for sun to make the gilded dome shine)

A church
Magnolia flower

Oh my god. It's the Atlantic Ocean. My first time ever. 

Looking south down the beach

Wading in the Atlantic. It's WARM. So used to the cold Pacific. This is nice.

Yes, you read that right. Alligators. Wild alligators.

No alligators visible in here
Oh wait. Look what just swam out from under the walkway we're standing on...

Another shot of the alligator

Blocking the road, hoping for food
I fed it 

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