Friday, November 23, 2007

Glamour Poll -- Sexy Do's & Don'ts

I was just reading the December 2007 Glamour magazine and one of the articles was the results of a poll on sexual do's and don'ts. The published results were based on a sampling of 2,000 of the respondents from an online poll with 10,000+ respondents at and

Along with foreplay, toys, and porn, they also asked questions about anal sex and S and M.

Anal Sex --
* Trying it just once, just to see --
63% of women and 81% of men say it's a DO
*Making it a regular part of your repertoire --
81% of women and 57% of men say it's a DON'T (one woman's comment was "ow", and my response to that is that they're just not doing it correctly then).

A Little S and M --
*Getting tied up or tying up your partner --
70% of men and women say it's a DO (a woman commented: "It can be really hot to forfeit control and feel a little vulnerable, as long as you trust the person)
*Some playful spanking --
77% of men and women say it's a DO (a side note on this one mentions that in 2004, 63% of respondents called spanking a DO, and now it's up to 77%)

So, what's my point in posting this information? I do it because so many of us for so long were made to feel as though something was wrong with us for enjoying anal sex and/or D/s activities. When you see that in 3 short years the number of people who admit to enjoying spanking has gone up 14%, I can't help but feel like saying, "see, see, it's not weird or strange or crazy -- more people like it than don't." And I think the blogging activities of Bonnie, Grace, Annie, and all those other inspiring spankos (far too many for me to list here) who have been blogging for at least the last couple of years have certainly helped people (like me) not only accept but embrace their spanko-ness (not a real word, but you know what I mean).


ZED & ginger said...

I read this article and had the same reaction as you. I was like, "see! see!" - it had a higher percentage than most of the other ho-hum mentions in the poll.

Lots of closet spankos out there, apparently!


Robin said...

Hi ginger,
Thanks for the comment. I've noticed more and more references to spanking, etc in TV shows and movies, as well as reading it in books off the shelf. Obviously people are at least peeking out of their closets :D